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Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Book Scholarship 

Sigma Phi Delta is an organization committed to promoting the engineering profession.  We aim to achieve this through the advancement of engineering education, development of a strong community among students and organizations, and instilling ideals of virtue, good citizenship, brotherhood, and scholastic excellence. As a chapter, we strive to be involved on campus through multiple facets.  Through this scholarship, Eta Chapter hopes to encourage first year engineering students to start on a path toward becoming proficient engineers.

The winner of this scholarship will be the recipient of a $300.00 book scholarship.  The selected individual will exhibit the ideals of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity and display a commitment to service and academics.  All new students enrolled in the Opus College of Engineering are eligible to apply. 

Scholarship Questions

Q1) Why do you want to be an engineer, and why did you choose to study engineering at Marquette?  Answer in less than 300 words. 

Q2) Both Marquette University and Sigma Phi Delta stress the importance of being part of a community. How do you plan on getting involved at Marquette? (Clubs, service, tutoring, other activities, etc) Answer in less than 300 words. 

Q3) Who is someone you admire living or deceased? Explain who they are and why you admire them. Answer in less than 300 words.

*If you wish to be considered for the Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Book Scholarship, please fill out the form below by November 18th, 2022.

Scholarship Application

Thanks for submitting!

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