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Our Alumni

As we expand as a chapter, so does our alumni connections. We have one of the largest active alumni networks within our national fraternal organization. Alumni are a big part of our organization as we use them for guidance for any questions our actives may have pertaining to any event within the university or for networking with other companies to help get our foot in the door into the competitive industry of engineering. Here are just a couple of our most recent alumni graduates!

There are many alumni across the nation just from our chapter. Some are even in international locations! In the fall of 2019, the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity of Marquette University's Eta chapter celebrated the 100th anniversary of our chapter. We catered food into our home to feed over 200 alumni and heard great stories from our older members. We got to hear firsthand how Marquette evolved as a university through the experiences of the previous graduates. Getting to know the leaders and members of the generations before us was a gift that we will continue to treasure. 

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