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From Our President

Thanks for checking out the Sigma Phi Delta site! We are a fraternity ever so focused on strengthening both our brotherhood and professional ties. Many of the guys here, myself included, have become the greatest of friends over the course of our stay at Marquette- which I primarily attribute to the wholesome and welcoming environment of our Haggerty House, found on 16th and Kilbourn. We have a great mix of guys who love to play sports, videogames, bike, go fishing, get involved on campus with plenty of other clubs, and you name it! In addition to our extra-curricular stuff, almost every Sig Phi active gains co-op, internship, or research experience while at Marquette- which most of the time extends their stay in Milwaukee! By association with Sigma Phi Delta, you will surely have a future employer interested in what you do with your fraternity. 


In a typical semester, we are involved in intramurals, brotherhood events, service events,  philanthropy events, socials with other Greek Organizations, and an awesome formal at the end of the year. These activities have definitely kept me both involved and interested in the fraternity and strengthened the brotherhood between the actives and myself! Many of the brothers share the same classes too, which definitely improves our grades with plenty of collaboration among us. 

A little about me:

My name is Pat McKeever and I’m a Senior Electrical Engineering major from Long Island, NY. I joined SPD admittedly for networking prospects, but here I’ve found my own corner for contribution as a member of the College of Engineering, a circle of my most trusted friends with shared interests, and an opportunity to lead engineers—For the good of the profession!

I look forward to seeing you at our O-fest Table or events to talk more about Sigma Phi Delta!

Pat Mckeever

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Executive Board


Will Shanahan

Vice President

Hi! My name is Will Shanahan and I am a Senior studying Computer Engineering. Like a lot of people at Marquette, I never planned on joining a fraternity. However, SPD has transformed my college experience by giving me the opportunity to be myself, grow as a person and as an engineer, and make memories that I will cherish forever. It has truly been the best decision I have made in college. I have especially enjoyed being able to work on graphic design and photography for Sig Phi, as it is something I don’t get to do in my normal day-to-day life. If you have any questions about SPD or want to hear my opinions about different plastic water bottle brands, please reach out!

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Eric Skogland

Vice Chief Of New Members

Hi everyone! My name is Eric Skogland I’m from Seattle, WA and I’m the Vice Chief of New Members for Sigma Phi Delta. I’m currently a senior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in business administration. I’m currently enrolled in the ADP STEM MBA program. I’m also very involved on campus working as a Student Manger at REC sports and a Student Ambassador in the Marquette OPUS College  of Engineering. Looking forward to the year!

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Jonah Lundberg


My name is Jonah Gaylon Lundberg. I’m from Ludington, Mi, and I’m a Mechanical Engineering Major. I joined SPD looking for connections and a group of guys who shared similar interests. Joining SPD has given me great exposure to the world of engineering and has helped me grow as a person and an engineer.

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Ethan Smetana

Business Manager

Hi, my name is Ethan Smetana and I am a junior civil engineering major from Naperville, Illinois. As the Business Manager of Sigma Phi Delta, I am tasked with taking care of all the finances of the fraternity. I’m also a big marathon (and half marathon) runner, so if you see someone running down Wells St. or by the lake, there’s a pretty good chance it’s me! Although I have never had the chance to have professional engineering work, I’m very excited to start my co-op with Waukesha County this summer! My favorite part of SPD is how willing all the guys are to chill at practically any moment.


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